Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The last few months (updated)...

So I definitely got behind on updating our blog. Here's some random happenings from about March to June.

Jeff's college roommate, Nate Tyler, came to visit for a while and we had a great time playing, reminiscing, and eating good food. He had some work business about an hour from here so he stuck around and worked out of our house for a week. We did a lot of eating out, a day trip to D.C. and some time at Rebecca's parents house, movie parties, grilling and campfire talks, and trips to the park. It was great to reconnect.

The Natural history museum and the White House.             

Jane came with us to D.C. while Annabelle and Elsie stayed with my parents. Here we are waiting for the metro.

Nate made us a delicious dessert, a baked alaska. 

After D.C. we took Nate to Annapolis for the weekend.

A walk around Virginia's capital building in Richmond.

Exploring Belle Island.

I think one of our favorite nights was just hanging around the campfire in our backyard while talking and eating goodies..

Nate was so nice to play with the girls.

It was freakishly cold the day of our ward Easter egg hunt. We still had fun and played with some animals. 

March 25-April 12
 I finally put the finishing touches on this mirror I have been making for Rebecca.  It only took me about six years to finish.

 Elsie escorting her little friend to nursery

Family Sunday picture

Cute girl loves her cream

Annabelle's 5th birthday celebration

Walking along the James River at Pony Pasture

Chunky Baby Jane                                            Pregnant Annabelle and curling their hair

We can't get enough of this girl!

Dates with the Girls...
Jeff took Annabelle on a date to a paint your own pottery place
I took Elsie and Jane on a date to "McMcDonald's"

We also stopped by the grocery store on our date and Elsie did some shopping

Annabelle and Elsie loooved their ballet class. It was so fun they could do it together and with some other friends!

Jane chilling and sleeping

Jeff worked hard to build these nice rock walls in our yard 

We took Elsie and Annabelle to the bounce house to celebrate Elsie's 3rd birthday
We were also able to visit my parents for the weekend of Elsie's birthday

The girls had fun with my cousin Annie's little girl's over the weekend.

The girls love going to the music guy at Barnes and Noble. 

They also love an occasional kids night at Texas Roadhouse

Enjoying some good Daddy time

We love our walks to the duck pond!

Charlottesville trip with my parents. Eating some delicious apple cider donuts at  Carter Mountain.

The bus ride up to Monticello.

That Thomas Jefferson had some genius ideas and a beautiful home.

Enjoying a beautiful evening on the lawn at UVA.

Cute Jane

Vacation week! We took our first family camping trip to Crabtree Falls. The girls loved fishing in the river right by our campsite.

We enjoyed a gorgeous hike up crabtree falls in the Blue Ridge Mountains of VA.

The swinging bridge

I took Jane out to my Granda McKay's funeral in Utah while Elsie and Annabelle had some good Daddy time. One day they went to Busch Gardens.

Then they camped in the car and spent the next day at Virginia beach!

AND he helped them make cookies.
While Jeff played with Annabelle and Elsie, Jane and I spent a few days in Utah for the funeral and hanging out with family. Jane enjoyed playing with some cousins. Elsie kept talking about Brody and Jackson and wanted to see them.

Daddy brings home fun doctor dress ups.

We went to the Byrd movie theater in downtown Richmond and saw "Cinderella". It is an original movie theater built in the 1920's and they even have an organist play at the beginning of the movie like back in the day.

Fun with Mike and Nina! Jeff's childhood friend and his fiance visited for the weekend.

Now that summer is here again we love going to the pool practically everyday.

Daddy doing some sweet long boarding riding with his girls.

Jane and her chunky legs at another trip to the jumpy house.

Sometimes we do a babysitting swap with some friends. Here's the kiddos (Kai and Peyton) playing Frozen and having a movie party.

We love our day trips to Virginia beach! Elsie is a natural boogie rider.

Jeff and I enjoyed going to the residency graduation dinner.

More pool time with Mr. Caleb Cunningham. It was great to have him visit for a few days while he was in town for a color me rad running race that he works for.

We love weekend trips to Grandma and Grandpa's house!

Jeff and I went to the D.C. temple while the girls played with Grandma and Grandpa.

We love this awesome Daddy! It was also nice to spend Father's Day with my great Daddy!

A random picture one of the girls took of me during church??

Free stuff from Caleb!

We took a canal river cruise in downtown Richmond.

Fun sister time!

I'm still painting our house... When you don't have a stair ladder just use your hubby!

More of Daddy's doctor dress ups.

A chubby baby belly...

Jeff was able to watch the girls most of the time I was in Utah for the funeral. We're thankful for great friends that made up for the time he had to work. They sure had fun playing with their friends.